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Netflix star Adam Sandler shares against the Oscars ·

Adam Sandler received the award for Best Actor at the 35th Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California. He took the opportunity to talk about the Oscars.

Following the unveiling of the nominations, the 2020 Academy Awards were criticized for having largely left out both female filmmakers and non-white actors. For example, actress Awkwafina was not nominated in the category for best leading actress, even though she had won the Golden Globe for “The Farewell” in this very category (comedy / musical) just a few weeks ago.

One who was also completely ignored is Adam Sandler. The comedian, who caused a sensation with “The Black Diamond” by the Safdie brothers, was not nominated for either a Golden Globe or an Oscar. In fact, there isn’t a single nomination for the Netflix flick. Only those responsible will know why. But an Academy member told the New York Post that while Sandler’s performance is great, “then he makes Netflix comedies that are really stupid.” According to insider circles, Sandler simply has a bad reputation and lacks respect.

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Adam Sandler hands out at the Independent Spirit Awards

At the 35th Independent Spirit Awards, which took place on February 8, 2020 in Santa Monica, California, “The Black Diamond” won the prize for best director, best editing and best leading actor. Sandler used this opportunity to give the Oscars several swipes – in the best Adam Sandler manner, of course.

Eleven years ago, Sandler and Seth Rogen filmed the tragic comedy “How Life Works”: “That was the last time the critics pretended they didn’t hate me for five damn minutes.” Let them get their Oscars Sandler said on stage during his acceptance speech: “Your good looks will fade over time, while our independent personality will shine forever.”

Independent films are an important part of his career anyway: “I tried to sell my truth with a truly independent spirit while collecting some really worryingly large paychecks.” Then Sandler became more serious again and thanked him for the opportunity to work with people like the Safdie brothers and Noah Baumbach (“The Meyerowitz Stories”).

Have you seen the Sandler film “The Black Diamond”? If not, here’s the trailer:

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Renewed collaboration with Netflix

Last December, 53-year-old Sandler announced on Howard Stern’s couch that he would deliberately make a really bad film if it were not included in the nominations. He could now keep this “promise”: Netflix has extended the collaboration by four more films. Sandler’s comedies are among the streaming giant’s most successful films. “Murder Mystery” landed in the top 10 of 2019 films in second place, just behind Michael Bay’s “6 Underground”.

Comedy series not only have memorable characters, but also sets. Do you recognize them from their houses?

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