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Natalie Portman doesn’t believe in traditional fairy tales and fables

Natalie Portman thinks that classic fables are “really problematic”.

In October, the 39-year-old actress published a children’s picture book called Natalie Portman’s Fables, which retells the classic stories of The Tortoise and the Rabbit, The Three Little Pigs, and The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.

The mom of two decided to revise the stories because she wanted her three-year-old daughter Amalia to be able to enjoy the classic works while introducing her to a wider range of characters. Speaking to The Project, the Oscar winner explains what was so important to her about transforming the stories: “I started to notice that the characters in all of these classic stories were mostly male, and I wanted the stories for keep her alive. I think she is so wonderful and I want her to know the classics, but I also wanted her to have a picture of the world that is more accurate. ”

Moderator Lisa Wilkinson then revealed that she hadn’t read ‘Cinderella’ to her own daughter, and Natalie agreed to the idea, saying that many of the classic princess stories are “problematic” by today’s standards. “All of these kind of princess stories are really problematic. You have to fit in the shoe and only one person can fit in a shoe, however [der Prinz] doesn’t remember the face of the girl he danced with last night. That doesn’t make any sense either, except that it’s very offensive! ”

Natalie isn’t the only star who has something to complain about in classic children’s stories. Keira Knightley also revealed a while ago that she had forbidden her daughter to watch Disney princess films because they suggest that women are nothing without their Prince Charming.



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