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“Mission: Impossible 7”: The shooting of the Tom Cruise film has to be paused again

The bad luck remains with Tom Cruise (58) and the film crew of his new blockbuster “Mission: Impossible 7”. The shooting in Great Britain had to be interrupted again, writes “The Sun”. That would be the second stop of filming this month alone. As about three weeks ago, a member of the filming team tested positive for Corona.

Wild speculation

It is not known who it is. According to the report, employees on site suspect that it could be Cruise himself. “Everyone on the set was told that filming had to be interrupted again because of a positive corona test. And since then, Tom has not been on the set once,” the site said from an insider. However, the anonymous source itself states that this is only a matter of speculation by the crew.

When the shooting can be continued is still in the stars. In view of the fact that the film should come to German cinemas on May 26, 2022, there is already immense time pressure on everyone involved, even without further delays. The film should actually be released in July 2021. Then it was moved to November 2021 and finally May 2022.

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