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Matt Damon will return to Marvel as part of Thor: Love and Thunder!

Will Matt Damon star in Thor: Love and Thunder?

For an actor, there is no bigger platform than the Marvel Universe, the most successful film franchise of all time. And it seems that the gates to the world of superheroes have opened for Hollywood star Matt Damon and the actor will be part of the cast of the new film “Thor: Love and Thunder” – and he will be able to watch Natalie Portman how she wields the hammer as the goddess of thunder. (Also read: “Avengers: Endgame”: Now Directors Explain the End)

“Thor: Love and Thunder”: Matt Damon is part of the party

Preparations for the start of the shooting of Taika Waititi’s film have already begun in Australia and in addition to the main cast and villains, including Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson and Christian Bale, some “Star Wars” actors such as Chris Pratt will also be present.

Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan and Pom Klementieff have also been spotted near Sydney, where they are serving their mandatory quarantine in a government-assigned hotel. That in turn lets the rumor mill seething and it is speculated that this team of heroes will have an impact on the story. But it also all indicates that Matt Damon is in town to film some scenes for the new Thor movie. (Worth reading: Amazon is ready to pay over $ 200 million for Chris Pratt’s new film)

Matt Damon (right) with fellow actor Christian Bale

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Matt Damon is in quarantine in Australia

The actor’s arrival and possible participation in the new Marvel film has been reported by Australia News, which also indicates that the Oscar winner is currently on quarantine and other health protocols to participate in the production. (Read also: Christian Bale meets Matt Damon: “In our job you are exposed to quite a bit of psychological terror.”)

Matt Damon’s potential participation in the film, which will be part of the new phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, is noteworthy because he had a previous cameo on Thor: Ragnarok, where he briefly played an actor who played Loki. (Also read: “WandaVision”: What We Already Know About Marvel’s First Disney Plus Series)

Natalie Portman becomes the new Donnergötting – and already presents her hammer at the “Comic Con”

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Matt Damon in “Thor: Love and Thunder”: Just a cameo role or a bigger part?

Although the role he might play in Thor: Love and Thunder remains a mystery for the time being, the Australian media has suggested that it could be a bigger part of the story. The long quarantine and security requirements of the Australian government, which Damon now has to serve and meet, would speak against a small cameo. (Also interesting: The best science fiction films – according to NASA)

As is so often the case, Marvel has carefully guarded every detail of the new flick and the news is coming to light at a snail’s pace. Natalie Portman herself announced a few months ago that she would start training for the role. (Also interesting: Marvel Revolution: Thor is now becoming a woman – and Angelina Jolie is a superhero)

Lots of news from the Marvel Universe

The news that Matt Damon may return to the Marvel Universe also comes just days before Chris Evans may return as Captain America, and it also coincides with the arrival of Ethan Hawke as the new villain in the new Marvel series “Moon Knight” .

The article “Matt Damon regresaría a Marvel como parte de ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’” by Isaac Garrido originally appeared on GQ México.

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