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Mark Wahlberg’s wife and children: This is his family

Mark Wahlberg (49) has grown from rapper “Marky Marc” to one of the most successful action stars in Hollywood. Although he has already celebrated great success with his music, in retrospect he is even ashamed of this career path.

With his work as an actor, he finally seems to have arrived. He has appeared in countless films for years. But Mark Wahlberg can be proud not only of his great career, but also of his family.


Mark Wahlberg: He was so sexy as a Calvin Klein model.

Mark Wahlberg used to model for Calvin Klein

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Mark Wahlberg: Ms. Rhea Durham is a model

Mark Wahlberg has been married to his wife Rhea Durham (42) since 2009. The actor and model had previously been a couple for eight years and have four children together.

It seems that Mark passed on his talent to them. In the fourth part of “Transformers”, in which Mark plays the leading role, his children Ella Rae (17), Michael (14) and Brendan (12) also played. Only the smallest of the bunch, daughter Grace (11), was still too young for the film set at the time.

Mark Wahlberg is a real family man

Mark Wahlberg has nothing against his children’s career in show business. Nevertheless, he would like, as he tells in an interview with “Bild”, that they first do a decent training before they devote themselves to acting.

Before that happens, however, the father of four still enjoys the time with his children. Because this is what Mark Wahlberg really appreciates despite the occasional hustle and bustle of the family. “It was the family that made me the right man”, said Wahlberg in the interview.

Mark Wahlberg: wife and family on Instagram

Mark, who has also been voted the most overpaid actor, repeatedly gives insights into his colorful and happy family life on his Instagram account. Mark Wahlberg likes to show his wife Rhea and his four children.

But the talented actor is still present on the screen. Most recently, Mark Wahlberg was in the films “Spenser Confidential”, “Scooby! Voll Verwedelt ”and the“ Transformers ”series of films.



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