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Kate Winslet on homophobia in Hollywood: “That’s awful!”

Oscar winner Kate Winslet (45, “The Reader”) is outraged that queer colleagues in Hollywood still often have to hide.

“I can’t say how many young actors I know – some very well known, some at the beginning of their careers – who are terrified that their sexuality will be made public and that they will then no longer be hired for straight roles.” said the British woman who became world famous with the film drama “Titanic” to the British daily Sunday Times. “That’s terrible.”

In the interview, Winslet told the story of a bisexual actor who was told by his agent that he shouldn’t speak publicly about his sexual orientation.

“I know at least four actors who really hide their sexuality”

In their opinion, men in particular suffered from the “stigma”. She hopes that it will soon become normal to openly select queer actresses and actors for queer roles. At the moment, however, it is still the case that stories about LGBTQ are only produced with “big names” at all.

LGBTQ is the English abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer.

Winslet, who is married to a man herself and has children, plays a lesbian paleontologist in her new film “Ammonite”, which will soon be released in German cinemas. It is directed by the openly gay director Francis Lee (52, “God’s own Country”), who also wrote the screenplay.

Of course you can talk about whether she might have taken the role from someone, so Winslet. “But I know that this role was not offered to anyone else.”

By adopting them, she could at least “bring an LGBTQ story into the living room”.

Made into an object

The 45-year-old also revealed that she was the Found love scenes in “Ammonite” more pleasant than, for example, the one in her greatest success “Titanic”.

“What I definitely found striking is that people seem to be talking about the love scenes in ‘Ammonite’ in a way that is much more focused because it’s two women. (…) It felt very equal and very safe, we weren’t made into mere objects in any way. But it also made me realize that in the past I felt like an object without knowing it. That raised a lot of interesting thoughts. “

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