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Hells Angels: Killer rocker Ramin Y. mocks the German police | Regional

Mönchengladbach / Tehran – He is wanted by police worldwide for murder. But he doesn’t care: Ramin Yektaparast mocks German investigators and his victims. As? With Instagram.

For his 122,000 followers, the 33-year-old brazenly posted a video in which he proudly showed himself to be free in Iran. Apparently he drives through the streets of Tehran with too loud music; in the semi-dark picture you can see an expensive Rolex on his wrist.

Then an excerpt from the film “Forrest Gump”, in which the main actor Tom Hanks runs away. Yektaparast writes: “It’s called being on the run!” There follows a photo in a deck chair under water, and he writes: “It’s called diving!” And that’s not all.

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Safe from extradition in Iran? Ramin Yektaparast shows himself relaxed by the pool on Instagram, mocking the German police

Photo: Ramin Yektaparast / instagram

You can also see a video in which the Hells Angel is lying in a deck chair by the pool, grinning broadly and wearing sunglasses. He writes: “And what is that called?” As if he wanted to say: I’m not on the run, I haven’t gone underground, I’m enjoying my life. But that only works because Iran does not extradite its own compatriots.

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Ramin Yektaparast is the main suspect in the rocker torso murder case in Duisburg. The homicide squad is also looking for him for attempted murder of Bandidos rockers.

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With this photo the police are looking for Ramin Yektaparast (33)

Photo: private

The former Hells Angels president of the Oberhausen charter “Hellgate” is said to have shot a car with the enemy rockers at least 15 times with a submachine gun. At full speed on the motorway! A miracle no one was killed.

Presumably it is the same weapon (Uzi-MP) with which Ramin Yektaparast also shot Hells Angel Kai M. (32). The murder suspect claimed that Kai was a police undercover agent and thus a traitor. The investigators believe, however, that Yektaparast absolutely wanted the “Filthy Few” patch (patch of the rocker groups). A Hells Angel only gets this if he kills someone.

The homicide squad is now publicly looking for a second Hells Angel: Mustafa Hendem has an arrest warrant for attempted murder. He is said to have shot Bandido Daniel T. in his car at the end of 2013 and injured him critically with four bullets. Hendem was part of Ramin Yektaparast’s charter.

The team from “Achtung Fahndung!” Will also deal with the torso murder and the main suspect Ramin Yektaparast on Tuesday evening at 9.10 p.m. 500 reporters are on duty for BILD’s new true crime program, doing investigative research with their own access points and sources.

Determined for seven years Here they take off the rocker chopper

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Source: BILD


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