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First disaster trailer for “Moonfall” ·

With “Moonfall” the next disaster film by Roland Emmerich is announced. And this will soon start in the cinemas, as the first trailer reveals.

Fans of disaster films can look forward to: The Master of Disaster is back – Roland Emmerich. At the beginning of his career he was still referred to as “Spielberg from Swabia”. Even if he always referred to the pioneer in blockbuster cinema, Steven Spielberg, as one of his role models, he has long since stepped out of his shadow with works such as “Independence Day”, “The Day After Tomorrow” and “2012”.

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After a no less spectacular excursion into World War II with “Midway – For Freedom”, the 65-year-old is doing what he does best again: He is sending mankind into the abyss. This time, however, his disaster film seems like a mixture of his two best films. “Moonfall” could easily be the child of “Independence Day” and “2012”:

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In “Moonfall” a mysterious force threw the moon out of its orbit and sent it on a collision course with the earth. Just a few weeks before the approaching disaster, the former astronaut and NASA officer Jo Fowler (Halle Berry) is convinced that she knows how to save humanity. But only two bastards stand by their side: astronaut and ex-colleague Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson) and the conspiracy theorist KC Houseman (John Bradley). The trio embarks on their very last mission into space and makes an incredible discovery in the process: the moon is not what people always thought it was.

“Moonfall”: Roland Emmerich sees potential for a film series

As befits a disaster film by Emmerich, he wrote the screenplay together with Spenser Cohen and Harald Kloser, and there are also plenty of stars in “Moonfall”. In addition to Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson, these are John Bradley, Michael Peña and Donald Sutherland.

And even if that’s basically a kind of spoiler, Emmerich has already revealed to Deadline that he could well imagine that “Moonfall” could mark the beginning of a new series:

“I see great franchise potential in this film. I’ve never done anything like this before. We did another one on Independence Day because the studio asked us to. In fact, I even have a third one in case the studio is interested. I saw ‘Stargate’ as a trilogy, but nothing came of it. All of my other films, with the exception of one, stand for themselves. “

“Moonfall” starts in this country on February 3, 2022 in theaters.

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