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Emma Amour: “I think your family is really stupid – what do I do?”

Emma Amour

Emma Amour
Dear Emma

I’ve been happy with my girlfriend for three years. And for two years I hated her family. I think they’re really, really stupid. With the best will in the world, I can’t imagine how such a completely stupid environment could produce such a great person. My friend is educated, open to new ideas, polite, charming – all qualities that she definitely does not have from her mother or father. And she certainly didn’t copy that from her two stupid siblings.

Her father never misses an opportunity to moan about “the shitty Usländer” (but is unemployed himself, because of the “shitty Usländer” of course), her mother probably can’t even mark on a map where her home is, where her sister has his head made up and her brother has the vocabulary of a 12-year-old at the age of 20.

My girlfriend is the oldest of the three children and moved out of home relatively early (at 17) – thank God, otherwise she might have turned out like that too …

She knows that I don’t think her family is that great, because I exchange about 4 words with them when we see each other, but it’s her family after all. What should I do?! Do you have any advice on how to sleep with my eyes open or something?


Warm wishes,

Dear Urs

Not funny, this family. And your email isn’t actually funny either. I still had to laugh. As I read your lines, I wondered if the clan wouldn’t be perfect for a “wife swap” episode?


Back to the seriousness of life and back to the real problem. I’m just wondering how your friend is doing with her family? Not that it’s super important, but if she feels the same way you do, then you can at least blaspheme together wonderfully. Something like that connects. Even if it doesn’t solve your problem.

Look, I’d love to tell you how to sleep with your eyes open. Or how to find a way to endure the clan. Unfortunately, I don’t have a panacea.

That’s why I will now have to tell you what you already know yourself: You have to go through it. It’s your friend’s family. It belongs to her, even if she is so different from everyone around her.

I don’t think she expects you to love her family. That you euphorically like to spend time there and have amazing conversations and are funny and cool and great and everything.

But it is also not possible for you to drive in there and be a merciless unsympathetic person. There is probably nothing around a middle ground.

Look, you don’t have to drive in for a big meal every weekend. You don’t have to go on family vacation with them or spend every holiday with them.

But the few times you are there to visit, you should pull yourself together. It’s only a couple of hours every couple of weeks, I suppose. It can be done.

And every few times you can also pretend a puff or a migraine attack and skip the visit if it shouldn’t work at all. Then there are even fewer times. And that makes it a little easier and easier to endure. You have something really great for it: your girlfriend!

I wish you every success and I wish the family that you have a good poker face and that they don’t buckle up, how shitty you all think they are.

(I already have to laugh a little again.)

All the best.


And what would you advise Urs to do?

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Video: watson / Knackeboul, Madeleine Sigrist, Emily Engkent

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It's not me, but that's what I would look like as an illustration.  Öppe.

It’s not me, but that’s what I would look like as an illustration. Öppe.

picture: watson

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