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Emily Blunt: First kiss “shocked” her

Emily Blunt
She “horrified” her first kiss

Emily Blunt doesn't have fond memories of her first kiss

Emily Blunt doesn’t have fond memories of her first kiss

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Emily Blunt doesn’t have particularly good memories of her first kiss. Now she has said that it was absolutely “terrible”.

Emily Blunt (38) has on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” told of their first kiss. The actress confessed that it happened on her 13th birthday with a boy named Ashley. However, the actress does not have particularly fond memories of this milestone in her love life. “No, it was a horror show,” she sums up.

“I was just horrified by the whole thing”

The teen classic “Spin the Bottle” had given her the special experience. So that the 18 children at their party could let the bottle rotate in peace, the birthday child had secured the room with a “Do not come in, mom!” Sign on the door. Then it started. “I turned the bottle and she pointed at Ashley and I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is it’.” She found the tall boy quite attractive, as she confessed to Kimmel.

But he was apparently not up to the high expectations: “I had heard of the concept of the French kiss, but I asked myself, […] why that should be pleasant or nice. It wasn’t. I was just horrified by the whole thing. “Blunt remembers how she secretly wiped her mouth afterwards:” It was terrible. “


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