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Chloë Grace Moretz: Fan of Anna Kendrick

Chloë Grace Moretz
Fan of Anna Kendrick

Chloë Grace Moretz

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Actress Chloë Moretz raved about Hollywood star Anna Kendrick and her song “Cups” from “Pitch Perfect”

Chloë Moretz, 17, takes inspiration from Anna Kendrick, 29.

The teen star has been a fixture in Hollywood since his 2005 film “The Amityville Horror”. She later delighted audiences with appearances in films such as “Kick Ass” and in the remake of the horror classic “Carrie”. Her latest flick “Wenn ich remain” will be in the cinemas in September, for which she was in front of the camera with Jamie Blackley (23, “Kids in Love”).

In an interview, Moretz reported how much fun the two of them had while filming and that she was inspired by her great role model Anna Kendrick: In “Pitch Perfect” she had a cool version of “When I’m Gone” from the year Posted in 1931, which became a real cult single as “Cups.” “We joked around a lot and taught ourselves the” Cups “song,” Chloë told the “New York Post,” before singing a version of the song for the best . “Anna Kendrick sang that … I’m a huge fan of hers. I haven’t met her before, but I heard she was supposed to be nice.”

Moretz grew up more or less on the set, and her roles changed as she got older. Meanwhile, she also shoots love scenes – no problem for the actress, but her mother sees it differently. “My mother was there once, she refused and wanted to go home with me,” she giggled. Nevertheless – or perhaps because of it – Chloë thinks it’s good not to be alone on the set. “I like to have my mom with me. She protects me and … also takes care of everything unpleasant.”

The pretty teenager is not only gaining his first romantic experiences in front of the camera, she is also said to have flirted with Brooklyn Beckham, 15, in real life. The two found each other through their common hobby, skating, and according to the actress, the son of former professional soccer player David Beckham, 39, and his wife Victoria, 40, are a risky driver. When asked who the better skater is, Chloë Moretz replied: “I don’t know. I mean, he had a pretty small skateboard and I had more of a longboard. I think he’s a risky rider, just a typical boy , and drives close to the people. I bet more on safety – I don’t want to break anything! “


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