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Briefly informed: vaccination status, trolls, climate change, Bitcoin

Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet has spoken out in favor of an obligation to provide information about the vaccination status in all companies in Germany. “The employer has to know who has been vaccinated in the company in order to be able to take protective measures,” said the CDU chairman at the “election check” of the “Heilbronn vote”. However, non-vaccinated people should not be discriminated against. You have to do it carefully. The Union and the SPD in the Bundestag have only agreed that employers in daycare centers, schools and nursing homes may ask employees whether they have been vaccinated against the corona virus. So far, this has only been allowed in medical practices and clinics.

Russian accounts have deliberately commented on hundreds of reports on news sites in the UK, the US, France, Germany, Italy and elsewhere with “provocative pro-Russian or anti-western statements”, prompting the Russian-language media to use these very comments as the basis for their reporting. This was found out by a research group at Cardiff University, which only discovered this campaign through the comprehensive analysis. Taken alone, the individual comments are not suspicious enough. The researchers are now demanding more transparency from the media about their fight against disinformation.

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In a joint leading article, more than 220 specialist magazines on medicine and health call on the world’s heads of state and government to take the climate emergency seriously and act accordingly. Immediate action is needed to reshape society, limit climate change, restore biodiversity and protect public health. Specifically, industrialized nations would have to reduce their emissions more quickly “to net zero emissions by 2050”. The call appears in the run-up to the UN General Assembly, one of the last international meetings before the World Climate Conference, which will take place in Glasgow in November.

In El Salvador, the digital currency Bitcoin will be legal tender from Tuesday. The Central American state is the first country in the world to take this step. A corresponding law was passed three months ago and is now coming into force. It stipulates that every merchant who is technically capable of doing so must accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. Taxes can also be paid in the cryptocurrency.

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