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Anyone who loves Keanu Reeves in John Wick has to have this movie

Keanu Reeves has seen a mighty rebirth as an action star in recent years thanks to John Wick. Even Matrix 4 is in the works. The actor’s popularity goes back to the early 90s when he blossomed into a real action star.

Keanu Reeves’ rise to world star was promoted by the action film Speed ​​starring alongside Sandra Bullock. If you want to enjoy the life-threatening bus trip in the best picture quality, you can look forward to: Speed ​​will be released in a new 4K Ultra HD edition on May 27, 2021.

One of the best action films of the last 30 years in the 4K edition on Amazon and Co.

at Amazon * you can already pre-order the 4K Blu-ray edition from Speed.

Alternatively, the discs are also available from MediaMarkt * or Saturn * and for the same price.

Speed ​​- Trailer (German) Hd


Why is speed a must have for fans of Keanu Reeves and John Wick?

In addition to the action spectacle Dangerous surf * Speed ​​was one of the greatest Hollywood films in Keanu Reeves’ early career. This is also due to the impressively simple concept:

Bomb specialist Jack (Reeves) is confronted with a blackmailer (Dennis Hopper) who has hidden a bomb in a public bus: Either you pay him the ransom or the bus explodes as soon as it drives slower than 50 kilometers an hour. Jack gets on board – and has to try to avert the disaster with passenger Annie (Sandra Bullock).

Even after almost 30 years, Speed ​​is a fast-paced action thrill

Speed ​​is often called “Die hard on a bus” described, which is not so absurd. After all, here, too, a hero has to deal with an overwhelming danger in a confined space. Director Jan De Bont was even responsible as a cameraman for the success of the Bruce Willis cracker.

Speed ​​appears in a new 4K UHD edition

But Speed ​​already shows in the title what sets it apart from many Die Hard clones. The focus is on deadly speed and this is not only suggested by the film with its elaborate stunts. That two-time Oscar-winning sound design puts ourselves on the bench next to Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.

  • Accordingly, the 4K UHD from Speed ​​also comes with DTS 5.1 sound for the German soundtrack, so that the home cinema trembles with every sharp bend.

Better picture than in the stream: Why are blockbusters on 4K worthwhile?

Streaming transmissions have long since offered the image quality of a physical playback medium – some more, some less. The 4K Blu-ray is currently the highest resolution format for home video discs there is.

the high resolution enables more details and smoother movements when playing the films, the backgrounds become sharper, which is particularly advantageous for a film like Speed ​​with its grueling action scenes and legendary stunts.

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