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Anne Hathaway: Oscar winner in a white nightmare robe

Anne Hathaway
Oscar winner in a white nightmare robe

Why? You inevitably ask yourself this question when you see Oscar winner Anne Hathaway in this unfavorable robe.

Even the brightest smile doesn’t help, this robe is and remains extremely unfavorable. But actress Anne Hathaway (35, “Ocean’s 8”) didn’t seem to mind, because she not only walked the red carpet at the Hollywood Film Awards in Los Angeles, she also gave a speech on stage.

Despite all the amazement about the item of clothing, it actually had three advantages: The misshapen, high-necked, ankle-length pleated dress with baggy sleeves made the Hollywood star’s face even more attractive. In addition, the cream-colored satin made a delightful contrast to the actress’s shoulder-length brown hair. And thirdly, she could eat whatever she wanted at this award ceremony, because a tummy would never have appeared here.

After all, the silver peep-toe strappy high heels, the cream-colored satin clutch and the silver-gold earrings and finger rings were in a class of their own.

Anne Hathaway shows humor

And what did the US artist herself say about her dress from the Valentino spring 2019 collection? “Basically, I’m wearing a pleated couture bed sheet,” she joked about her outfit, according to US Today.


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