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Anna Kendrick: I’m crazy!

Anna Kendrick
I’m going nuts!

Anna Kendrick

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Actress Anna Kendrick had a lot of fun with the male models on the set of her latest commercial for fashion company Kate Spade

For the designs by Kate Spade, 51, Anna Kendrick, 29, was “romantic and funny”.

The screen beauty (“Up in the Air”) posed for the designer’s fashion company of the same name in a range of Las Vegas-inspired looks, for example in a white dress with silver decorations. Standing around them are men in tuxedos carrying the label’s latest handbags. The pictures exude a real party feeling and Anna, who was sprinkled with confetti, found the shoot a real joy. “It was so much fun. We drove to all these places in Vegas, so it felt like we’d landed in a time machine. It was so romantic and funny,” she smiled in conversation with “People” and raved on : “There were eight guys with me on the shoot that just drove me crazy! Most of them were in their 50s and 60s, but a few were in their 30s and the photographer always said to them,” Just try to get their attention. Tried to make her laugh, “So these guys made me giggle. They were those big bang in Vegas that day.”

Of course, there were not only hot men on the set, but also a lot of great handbags and the actress admitted that she only needs a small model for her everyday things. After all, she only carries “a wallet, a key and a cell phone” with her in her pocket. She went on to describe her style as either “lazy or classic” and didn’t want to be pigeonholed in any particular drawer in her wardrobe. “I am both!”, She replied when asked whether she has a more casual taste or would rather be the glamor queen. “When I go to the grocery store [trage ich] Jeans and a t-shirt. But when I go out I start enjoying looking beautiful, and this is a fun new phase for me that I’m in. For me it is like this: if I want to look beautiful, I just want to wear something that is flattering and classic. “

Anna Kendrick has been a fan of Kate Spade’s designs for a long time and finds them “timeless and elegant” – just as she usually looks on the red carpet.


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