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Anna Kendrick: I had to jump

Anna Kendrick
I had to jump

Anna Kendrick

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For the upcoming film “Pitch Perfect 2”, leading actress Anna Kendrick had to shoot a scene that still makes her stomach turn today

Anna Kendrick, 29, will always remember a very special scene from “Pitch Perfect 2” with a stomach ache.

The actress (“Up in the Air”) also returns to the cinema next to colleagues like Rebel Wilson (28, “Bridal Alert”) and Brittany Snow (28, “Revenge is sexy”) in the continuation of the music comedy. In an article from People magazine called “One Last Thing,” Anna indulged in set memories and told about the last time she was really nervous. “Without giving too much away: there is a scene [in “Pitch Perfect 2]where I stand very high up and have to jump and it was completely scary and it took me about three takes to jump at all. Even when I think about it now, my stomach turns. “

In the article, the cinematic grace also remembered the last time she got sunburn. It was her “Life After Beth” film colleague who had an embarrassing moment when the two were on vacation together. “It’s been a while because I usually avoid the sun like the plague. But I was going on vacation to Mexico with my friend Aubrey Plaza and had a hat on all day and was under an umbrella so I didn’t put on sunscreen “, remembered the pretty Hollywood actress. “I went in the ocean for ten minutes and got a super painful sunburn on my face.”

When she’s not busy avoiding the sun or filming the next blockbuster, the brunette enjoys relaxing with her loved ones. How good that she thinks she’s a good host. So she also told the magazine what the last time she had prepared in her kitchen. “A couple of the girls came over for a Game of Thrones night and I made a little chocolate fondue and some spanakopita [griechische Blätterteig-Speise mit Spinat] and mini quiches, ”smiled super cook Anna Kendrick.


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