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Amanda Seyfried: Hollywood thinks she is too fat!

“Mama Mia”, but she is thin! Most will probably think so when they see a picture of Amanda Seyfried (28). But the blonde leading actress in the Abba musical was actually once considered too fat and therefore even lost some roles. At least that’s what the actress claims on Twitter.

“Insane fact: I’ve almost lost several roles in my career because I was considered overweight. Injustice America ”is her angry tweet. You might not believe that Seyfried once had these problems, because the actress, who is only 1.59 centimeters tall, is only known to be slim and slim. But the blonde had already pointed out the consequences of Hollywood’s lean command in the past.

“It is exhausting. And somehow also terrible. What did I have for lunch yesterday? Spinach only. Spinach and any seeds. ”Seyfried once said in an interview when she was asked about her weight. The consequence? “If I didn’t jog and exercise, I would never be this thin. But I have to stay in shape because I’m an actress, ”she explained, exasperated at the time.

Fortunately, these critical statements have not harmed her career in Hollywood. In the next year Seyfried can be seen on the side of Mark Wahlberg (43) in “Ted 2”. She replaces Mila Kunis (31) there.

In the video: An actress from Amanda Seyfried, who is considered too fat in Hollywood.

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