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After Chris Pratt, the next Guardian will be in the MCU film ·

Chris Pratt will probably not be the only Guardian in “Thor: Love and Thunder”. The evidence is growing that he will have company.


It was recently announced that Chris Pratt would be the Star-Lord in “Thor: Love and Thunder“Will be there. Now there are increasing indications that another hero from “Guardians of the Galaxy” Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will pay a visit.

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As reported by The Direct Vin Diesel Spotted at Sydney Airport. There “Thor: Love and Thunder“Is filmed in Australia, it is very likely that the actor will slip into the role of Groot again. Thor sets out with the Guardians at the end of “Avengers: Endgame”, which is why it is only logical that they will soon be seen in a joint adventure.

How it will go after “Avengers: Endgame”, you can see here:

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We already know that about “Thor 4”

Unsurprisingly, Vin Diesel will appear to be starring in the new Thor movie. After all, he revealed earlier this year that director Taika Waititi is planning to let the Guardians show up. So fans will see the heroes around Star-Lord again before “Guardians of the Galaxy 3”.

Thor is the first hero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to receive four solo films. And “Thor: Love and Thunder“It will be tough: Not only are the Guardians of the Galaxy there, Natalie Portman will also return as Jan Foster and to the new Thor version Mighty Thor, which could be even more powerful. In addition, Waititi would like to venture into a genre that is new to him with his film. Because “Thor: Love and Thunder“Should be a real romance.

Waititi himself has stated that he wants the new Thor movie to be the craziest MCU movie ever. Therefore it will be before the movie starts on February 10, 2022 surely some exciting and surprising information about “Thor: Love and Thunder” give.

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