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Actor Adam Sandler sings for all Corona helpers

Many stars have already used their reach to convey the right values ​​in the current crisis. Now Adam Sandler is following suit in his own way.

Although the coronavirus has been raging in the world for many weeks and restricting everyone’s life, solidarity also rises during this time: Arnold Schwarzenegger talked his viewers into conscience from his pool and even Disney insisted on it, the big ones and to entertain little fans during the quarantine.

Adam Sandler is also using his comedic talent to draw attention to the people who are working even harder right now during the current state of emergency. The actor was recently part of the US late night show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, which takes place via video call during the Corona crisis. Adam Sandler thanks all doctors and nurses with a song that his friend Dan Bulla wrote during the comedy tour together:

Adam Sandler not only points out that we shouldn’t take anything away from the nursing staff, such as breathing masks, but also emphasizes, ironically speaking, of course, that isolation is not easy for him because of the coronavirus: “Doctors and nurses will keep us out of this mess if we give them the things they need. And I hope you save us quickly, because I’m really, really fed up with my family. ”

He also makes it clear that each of us can do something about COVID-19: “Stay at home as often as you can, always wash your hands, that will drive this damn thing away. We love you, doctors and nurses, you save our lives every day. “

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A praise from Dan Aykroyd

Although we are currently in the middle of the Corona crisis, Adam Sandler got off to a very successful start in 2020. His last film, the crime comedy “The Black Diamond”, tells of the jeweler Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler), who gets involved in sports betting and this creates a lot of problems. However, the Netflix production was not, as Sandler had hoped, nominated for the Oscars or the Golden Globes, although critics praised the film. For this, Sandler was able to look forward to several awards at the 35th Independent Spirit Awards.

And another praise touched Sandler very much: Before he presented his song to Jimmy Fallon, he emphasized that “Ghostbusters” star Dan Aykroyd had even contacted him recently: “By the way, Dan Aykroyd called me a few days ago. He watched ‘The Black Diamond’ and he liked ‘The Black Diamond’. […] How exciting is it when Dan Aykroyd calls you. “

Even without an Oscar, Adam Sandler was able to convince his audience in “The Black Diamond”. © Netflix

It’s always nice to see when the hearts of other stars beat faster even with our favorite actors. Adam Sandler definitely deserves the praise. Anyone who has not yet looked at “The Black Diamond” can use the insulation perfectly for this. In conclusion, we can only agree with Adam Sandler’s words: Thank you to everyone who ensures that the world does not turn out of joint because of the virus!

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