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10 jobs we’d all love to do one day

Very few of us have the privilege of doing a job that we ourselves perceive as a dream job. From the outside perspective, however, there are always jobs where the title dream job doesn’t seem entirely wrong.

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Jodok Meier
Jodok Meier


Again and again we think to ourselves: “Man, is he / she lucky – I would also like a job like this one day”. If you actually got the job, it would probably look different again soon. But then there are also those jobs where you look and with the best will in the world cannot imagine that they bring a disadvantage.

We have put together a list of 10 jobs where we are (somewhat) certain that a large part of the workforce would hardly say no if given the chance. And yes, of course there are also some jobs that are more of a marketing measure for the employer. But hey, job is job and wages are wages.

Seat filler

Not a really profitable job, but at least there is food and, let’s say, an interesting work environment. Because as a seat filler you are literally side by side with the biggest stars of the entertainment industry.

The Oscars - maybe your next job?  Who knows.

The Oscars – maybe your next job? Who knows.

Image: Keystone

Your task: When DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Co. (or their companions) have to go to the bathroom at the biggest award ceremonies in the entertainment industry – such as the Oscars or Grammys – you temporarily take their place so that the hall always looks full. Talking is strictly forbidden and there is no wage, but food and experience are included.

You don’t have to be able to do much, but you never know …

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Legal burglar

“Mission Impossible”, but without the risk of physical or legal consequences. As a physical penetration tester, you can give free rein to your criminal energy.

Your task: You test the security precautions of institutions such as banks, hospitals or government offices by breaking in and stealing things. This, of course, with a view to opening up and eliminating security gaps. In an Ask-Me-Anything thread on Reddit, a physical penetration tester reported that he was being held up in one of four cases. He did not want to comment on his salary.

Perhaps there will soon be such photos of you for your portfolio:

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Netflix tagger

Do you want to do something good for western civilization? Then this is the ideal benefactor job for you. Because as a Netflix tagger, you are responsible for ensuring that the Netflix algorithm works as well and efficiently as possible.

Your task: You watch Netflix series from home and categorize them according to various keywords and topics and keep an eye out for potentially controversial aspects in children’s series, for example. Incidentally, up to 4,000 key words can come together per film. You spend a total of 40 hours a week watching series. It is logical that it is not that easy to get this job; In 2018 this position was globally manageable 75 times.

Strict days in the office be like:

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Fortune cookie writer

If you have ever wondered how the enlightening wisdom gets into fortune cookies, be assured at this point that there are indeed such things as fortune cookie writers. Even if not necessarily in a permanent position, it is a pretty profitable way to bring crisp one-liners to an audience of millions.

Might be your masterpiece.

Might be your masterpiece.

Your task: Pretty much what you think you are. The annual income is estimated at between 40,000 and 80,000 US dollars, depending on the number of jobs. Since fortune cookies are much more important in the USA than in Europe, for example, it is worthwhile to be familiar with the American culture, although you can of course work from anywhere.

And whenever someone asks what kind of strange stuff you are writing:

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And if you still need a little inspiration:

Water slide tester

Slipping at work might sound absurd, but there is. So if you feel like going to water parks instead of going to the office, you can do so in theory and become a water slide tester.

Your task: Test water slides in water parks – internationally. Testers are often hired by hotel chains who visit every single hotel with water slides in order to test them for possible safety risks. But aspects such as the fun factor are also examined carefully. So if you like to travel and stay in holiday resorts, you could soon turn your hobby into a profession.

📂 Applications
∟📂 “Water slide tester”
∟📂 Ideas for application photo

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No joke, but this job really exists. Unsurprisingly, it was invented by Disney. Have a vivid imagination and a sense of entertainment and you could become a Disney imagineer.

Your task: Basically, you’re responsible for making Disney Land (or Disney World) an even more fun place to be. Ideas and concepts for new railways, attractions and implementations are in demand. Since it all takes a little, from architects to engineers to marketing specialists, the paths that lead there are enormously different. However, the competition is likely to be correspondingly tough. But who knows …

In the job profile under “What you will bring with you”:

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Professional sleeper

When we are already doing dream jobs, we must of course not forget the professional sleepers. So if you like to sleep and would like to move the center of your life completely to bed, you would theoretically have the opportunity to do so.

Your task: The task varies depending on the client. While scientific test sleepers can be wired to study sleep behavior, test sleepers from luxury mattress manufacturers have to sleep in different beds under different conditions and write reports about them. Sleeping is very extreme for NASA: in 2013 they looked for people who would not get out of bed for 70 days for an experiment. Earnings during this time: 18,000 US dollars.

You, how you get up in the morning and go to work (Full Version):

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Game tester

It is actually logical that the largest video games are first played by «laypeople» before they are put on the market. So why not become a functional game tester, just play a little and earn a living in the process?

Your task: Essentially, all you really need to do is test video games, provide feedback, and report bugs. At Activison Blizzard (“Call of Duty”, “Warcraft”, “Tony Hawk’s”) you earn around 15 US dollars an hour. A workload of 40 to 60 hours a week is envisaged. After that you can go home and play a little … to relax.

When the boss comes and tells you that you are finally going to go home for the day have to:

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Movie noise maker

In case you are not yet aware of it: Every single noise in a Hollywood film – except for the spoken word and a few atmospheric tones – are in retrospect made by so-called Foley Artists produced and added to the film. Just imagine how much fun it is to create the perfect sound for a broken bone, a kiss or horse steps in the snow …

Your task: You get a film and have to set every single sound that you “see” in it to music. This means that you may have to fiddle around as creatively as possible for hours before the sound of a sole on a surface is perfect in your ears. The job has become quite prestigious in Hollywood, and the way to get there is not that easy. But imagine you’re the person in the background who revolutionized the sound of movies for punches …

«What do you mean? It sounds no better with orange juice and a mahogany rod. Probieremers. “

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We have already examined this fascinating job in more detail:

Taste guru

Most of us like wholesome tastes and are happy to try a new, wholesome taste. For example with new types of ice cream. But how do these come about? Exactly, for that you need a flavor guru! (At least that’s the name of Ben & Jerry’s.)

Your task: To stay up to date with the latest taste trends, you often have to stop off at the hottest restaurants for business expenses. Then it is your task to weigh up which flavor combinations and textures make sense for an ice cream and you try to implement them. Of course, this requires training as a food technologist. But being surrounded by ice cream all the time seems worth the effort.

“Sorry honey, I have to separate professional and private matters.”

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And until the well-paid dream job works out, here are a few tips for survival:

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