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Will Smith congratulates the new “Prince of Bel-Air” actor

It’s hard to believe, but the adventures of young Will Smith in “The Prince of Bel-Air” were already 30 years ago. At least in the USA, the popular sitcom was only shown in our country in 1992. And even if Will Smith is still as active as ever and even recently landed as a skin in Fortnite – the prince should no longer be taken from the actor.

It’s good that there are competent offspring. But when Jabari Banks got out of bed a few days ago, he shouldn’t have expected that he would be this offspring and that a message would change his life. Will Smith made it his business to personally congratulate the young actor on his role as the new “Prince of Bel-Air”.

A young talent and the role of his life

Streaming provider Peacock is not only responsible for rebooting the series, it also shared the video about Smith and Banks on their YouTube channel. Smith telephones Banks and congratulates him on the role of Will in the “Bel Air” reboot. As expected, Banks can hardly believe his luck and struggles for words:

“A dream of mine comes true. You cannot imagine [wie das ist]. [Obwohl,] you probably can. You know how it feels The show has influenced me and my life so much. It will be an incredible experience “said Banks, beaming with joy.

Just as it could be the case for Banks, the role of Prince of Bel-Air was a career starter for Smith, who certainly means a lot to him to this day. Not least because the role bore his name and was loosely based on Will Smith as a person.

Incidentally, the reboot should go in a slightly different direction than the original. The video embedded above serves as a model, which generated a lot of attention two years ago when it asked what “The Prince of Bel-Air” might look like in 2019.

The video is much more serious and dramatic than the original and should be of interest to both sitcom fans and newbies. But there is no release date for “Bel-Air” yet.

Source: Peacock

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