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The stylish action in Deathloop won’t let you go [Anzeige]

Many action fans currently have to be patient: John Wick 4 with Keanu Reeves sounds better and better, but it is still a long time coming. The solution is now the video game Deathloop from developer studio Arkane, which will initially be released exclusively for the Playstation 5 on a console. here players slip into the role of a die-hard killer themselves, who tries to kill his opponents in a stylish atmosphere. But there is one thing that turns everything upside down.

Deathloop has everything action fans expect from John Wick 4

The game makes the dream of all those fans come true who have always wanted to move through his world in place of Keanu Reeves. With his neon-soaked street canyons and bombastically staged nightclubs Deathloop makes the hearts of John Wick fans beat faster.

Check out the Deathloop trailer:

Deathloop – Trailer (German) HD


The aim of the game also comes close to that of the cult films: A group of target persons is supposed to bless the temporal through the hand of the character Colt. The elite killer is not only just as grouchy, but also as resourceful as John Wick.

Deathloop offers similar creative combat mechanics as the John Wick series

In addition to an immense arsenal of weapons, players also have various supernatural powers at their disposal. They allow, for example, Opponents: to hurl around the area via telepathy or to control their thoughts. Gaming fans should be reminded of the creative butchery from the Dishonored series.

On the one hand, this means a real feast for action fans who want to brutally pave their way with an infinite wealth of combinations of weapons and skills. But similar to some John Wick scenes, Deathloop often offers the possibility of quietly and secretly with knife and brains around the enemy: sneaking around inside.

And daily greetings from John Wick: That’s what Deathloop is all about

Colt from Deathloop

The imaginative dynamic is only one of the charms of the action game. The whole game is embedded in a really crazy story: The island location Blackreef is caught in a time loop, the so-called death loop. To break that, Colt has to work with the so-called visionaries to get rid of the eight most powerful figures on the island.

Colt does not remain undisturbed with this plan: The cold-blooded Julianna wants to keep the death loop going and therefore get the protagonist out of the way.

But that’s not all: While the two assassins are caught in an eternal battle by the loop, the rest of Blackreef is populated by murderous party-goers. They don’t even think about ending the endless party and are therefore extremely hostile to Colt as well.

Can be pretty cruel: Julianna tries to kill Colt by all means

Deathloop puts its story in the limelight in a gripping way: The optics of the different locations on Blackreef combine one psychedelic 60s aesthetic with high tech cyberpunk and the bright colors of a costume party. The result is a gripping atmosphere between apocalyptic mood and party orgy.

The time loop in Deathloop opens up endless possibilities for the player

With such impressive show values, however, players must always keep the time loop in mind, which jumps back to the beginning at the end of each day. However, this does not put the end of the game under time pressure: each day is rather divided into four time segments, in each of which a level can be completed without any deadline.

The time loop is therefore not a restriction, but rather offers (almost) infinite possibilities: If, for example, it has been found that a target person is not at the point where you actually want to switch them off during run A, you can make this error in run B. correct. Each loop opens up new information and skills to the player, that won’t be lost at the end of the day.

Not just blasts: Deathloop offers the player many options to proceed

Deathloop therefore not only offers brute action and exciting stealth missions, but is a puzzle that is slowly being completed: Every day provides new knowledge about how the eight visionaries can be most efficiently eliminated and the time prison can be left.

Deathloop ideally bridges the waiting time for John Wick 4

The game can offer action fans exactly those elements that everyone hopes for from John Wick 4: Crashing action, a dense atmosphere with style in abundance and a world that gradually opens up with all its surprising details. In addition, there are fascinating characters that you want to immerse yourself in despite the desire to kill. So there’s a pinch of Quentin Tarantino on top of that.

When do we get to see new John Wick adventures?

So if you don’t want to wait any longer for the John Wick 4 theatrical release next year and have a Playstation 5, you should access from September 14, 2021 and bring your very own personal action experience home with Deathloop.

Are you looking forward to Deathloop?



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