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Spectacular disaster film with Dwayne Johnson from today on Amazon Prime · KINO.de

Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson has to conquer the forces of nature in “San Andreas” and you can see the action film on Amazon Prime Video starting today.

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If there is one actor currently dominating the blockbuster landscape, it is very likely Dwayne Johnson. The Hollywood star really took off with “Fast & Furious Five” and then starred in numerous big action films. In various stripes Johnson had to fight strong opponents, but in “San Andreas” that is exceeded again.

If you want to see how Dwayne Johnson copes with a natural disaster, you should stop by Amazon Prime Video, because already from today starts “San Andreas” on the streaming service. In the 2015 action film, Johnson plays the pilot Ray Gaines, who is on the road in a helicopter in the wake of a major earthquake and is supposed to keep an eye out for survivors.

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The film title “San Andreas” refers to the real-life San Andreas Trench, which has caused severe earthquakes in California in the past. In the film, the southwestern region of the USA is again shaken by this natural disaster phenomenon. As chaos breaks out, Ray Gaines searches for his daughter, who is with the pilot’s ex-wife in San Francisco.

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“San Andreas”: Solid action fun with Dwayne Johnson

Action film fans in particular get their money’s worth with “San Andreas”. Of course, the blockbuster with Dwayne Johnson doesn’t want to convey a deep and complex story, because there are other films that do it better. “San Andreas” prefers to concentrate on its strengths. Pure action sequences, collapsing houses and a huge natural disaster score points here and offer exciting entertainment.

Still, the blockbuster didn’t go over very well with critics if you look at the rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the film was able to land a great success in the cinema. On a budget of $ 110 million, the film grossed nearly $ 474 million. If you are curious and have a certain preference for disaster films, you can’t really go wrong with “San Andreas”.

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