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Signs of Life from Camila Cabello – Music News

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07/27/2020 – 10:20 a.m.

Los Angeles – Camila Cabello got in touch again via “Instagram”. The singer has been rather calm on social media in the last few weeks and now she explains why.

Cabello wrote, “Hi, I miss you guys! I’m not good at posting anything on social media, I know that. Instead I spent a lot of time being present, being with my family and my dogs, piano – and to take guitar lessons, to write songs, to implement ideas, to listen to music, to meditate, to find peace in these crazy times, to read, to watch cooking shows … But I just wanted to say briefly that I love you and that you care Look out for joy and peace today because life begins now. Not tomorrow, not yesterday. I’ll be spending some time with my grandparents! Love and miss you! “

By the way, Camila Cabello gets guitar lessons from none other than her sweetheart Shawn Mendes. (Fan Lexicon reported)

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