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Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams in the TV highlight “Blue Valentine”

The idea in Blue Valentine is not original to tell a failed relationship from the end and work your way up to the happier days. And it quickly becomes clear that the attempt by the mover Dean (Ryan Gosling) to repair the relationship with nurse Cindy (Michelle Williams) will fail. With a few hours in the “Star Trek” room of a themed motel the alienation of the couple cannot be resolved.

Director Derek Cianfrance does not develop the tension from his story, but from the differentiated characters. Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling don’t just literally drop their pants here; In pointed key scenes, the romantic exhilaration of falling in love comes to life again, and disagreements and psychological wounds crystallize. The natural game and the hand-held camera ensure the highest level of credibility. Definitely not a feelgood film, more like Ingrid Bergman in the lower middle class in the USA. But one looks on with emotion and with great sympathy for the two who have failed. ascho

“Blue Valentine” runs tonight at 11:30 pm on WDR.



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