Fast & Furious 8 Vin Diesel

At least since Transformers Hollywood Studios have recognized how lucrative movies based on popular children’s toys can be. Now Universal also wants to try such a project and has brought Vin Diesel on board. Diesel, who has already shared films with the studio like Fast & Furious or Riddick has implemented, a film adaptation of the Rock ‘Em Sock’ Em Robots is to produce and also take on the lead role.

Rock ‘Em Sock’ Em Robots is a toy in which two robots face each other in a boxing ring. Players can control either Red Rocker or Blue Bomber. Both robots can box each other via a simple control unit. If a player lands a hit that causes the opponent’s head to fly up, he has won.

In the film, Vin Diesel will play a father who and his son develop an unusual relationship with an advanced fighting machine. Ryan Engle wrote the script for the film. The author is known, among other things, for action films such as Rampage and Non-Stop. A director is currently not on board.

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