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NFT collectors ripped off by hackers – ETH stolen for 325,000 euros

A cyber criminal defrauded a well-known NFT investor and collector of 97.7 Ethereum. But there is a happy ending.

Hackers hijack “Banksy” homepage

The massive boom in NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is also attracting fraudsters. Sometimes they even get quite inventive in order to get to the crypto currencies of their victims. This is how fraudsters succeeded in relieving the well-known NFT collector and artist “Pranksy” for the equivalent of more than 325,000 euros. As an old hand in the industry, he should actually know where the dangers lurk. So how did the rip-offs manage to rob him of his Ethereum? Not without considerable effort.

First, the cyber criminals hacked the website of the famous non-NFT artist “Banksy” and advertised an alleged NFT auction of the art star on OpenSea, the popular NFT marketplace.

Top NFT investor Pranksy, on the other hand, discovered the advertisement for the auction – and sensed a lucrative investment. On Twitter, he wrote his more than 118,000 followers amazed about the find:

“Is that real?

Banksy NFT on @opensea, a comment on possible climate damage from PoW blockchains? “

The collector had doubts, but still took part in the auction – and made the highest bid with 100 Ethereum. It was too late by then. Pranksy:

“So my bid of 100 ETH for the potentially first Banksy NFT
@opensea was accepted. “

At the same time, however, the multi-million dollar investor notices: The link to the OpenSea auction has been removed from Banksy’s website. This in turn leads the prominent NFT collector to suspect that it may have been a fraud. He writes;

“The link was removed from his website, it could have been a very elaborate scam, my guess is that only time will tell what it was!”

“I feel like I’ve been betrayed”

It didn’t take that much time, though. Just a few minutes later it was clear: it was fraud. Pranksy:

“The account has marked a second NFT, so that I have the feeling that I have actually been cheated here.”

Finally the confirmation: the NFT on the Banksy homepage – a fake. According to a spokesman, Banksy has not yet created any NFT artwork. In this respect, the NFT auction is in no way connected with the artist. However, there is a happy ending: The fraudsters did not want to keep the Ethereum.

On the same day, the stolen Ethereum was returned to Pranksy. Here you can take a look yourself at the Ethereum’s entrance on Etherscan. The collector amazes on Twitter:

“My ETH from the Banksy NFT purchase was just returned to me, an ethical hacker trying to prove something?”

Either that – or the hacker returned the Ethereum because he did not know how to disguise the transaction sufficiently and he had to expect a visit from the law enforcement authorities.

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Hasan Sheikh
Hasan, who loves technology and games, is studying Computer Engineering at Delhi JNU. He has been writing technology news since 2016.


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