Sunday, September 19, 2021 - Anna Kendrick: No problem with the 30th – Anna Kendrick: No problem with the 30th

The actress (‘Pitch Perfect 2’) celebrates her milestone birthday on August 9th. Even if it is not long before the big day, the beauty remains very relaxed.

“When I was 29, I thought: ‘Well, that’s basically already 30’,” she told the American ‘Cosmopolitan’. “So I’ve been saying that I’m 30 for practically a year. It will be a very easy transition. “

Anna doesn’t want to make a big topic of her special day either, which is why she prefers to do without a party on the 30th. «Fuck it! I’m not giving a birthday party, ”said Anna resolutely.

Rather cozy than partying

The fact that she and her ‘Pitch Perfect’ colleagues have grown older in the meantime was also evident during the filming of the second part. “You can tell that we have all gotten older because we no longer go out and drink in the evening,” she laughed at Access Hollywood in November. “The first time our motto was: ‘Party time in the USA!’ And this time it’s more like: ‘I’m exhausted, I need a chamomile tea!’ “

‘Pitch Perfect 2’ starts in Germany on Thursday [14. Mai] in theaters. While colleague Rebel Wilson (29) agreed in advance for a third part, Anna wants to wait and see how the second part arrives.

“I just want to see how it goes and find out if there is even demand before I think about it,” Anna Kendrick explained carefully in TIME magazine.

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