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New Johnny Depp film starts in the USA – film plus criticism – online magazine for film & cinema

Johnny Depp has certainly not had an easy time of it in the last few years: an ugly war of the roses with mutual accusations with his ex Amber Heard, a subsequent trial against the British “Sun”, obvious alcohol problems and weak new films – many have already spoken of the end of a great career. Most recently, “The Professor” landed on Amazon Prime, a film about a university teacher suffering from cancer with a severe alcohol problem, in which Depp primarily plays himself. And his latest film “Minamata” was presented at the Berlinale 2020, the intended theatrical release of which has been postponed again and again due to Corona.

Now there is at least cautiously good news for Depp fans – although they are not “new” either: In the USA, the thriller “City of Lies” recently started in (open) cinemas, which is about the Rapper The Notorious BIG is murdered. Depp plays the detective Russel Poole, who teams up with a journalist (Forest Whitaker) to solve the unsolved case. The film is less about the solution to the case, but – as in “Zodiac” for example – about obsessions and the unsuccessful search for phantoms that cannot be captured.

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