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Mark Wahlberg produces documentary series on the failed cinema subscription MoviePass

Will say nothing to many readers, but was at times a big topic in the United States: MoviePass. MoviePass was a subscription that paid a fixed monthly price of $ 9.95 and received two or three movie tickets per month. In some regions there was even a complete flat rate. It worked so that MoviePass offered an app in which the cinema, the film and the playing time were selected. The price for the selected ticket was then booked on a prepaid debit card, which was used to pay in the cinema.

Advantage: cinemas did not have to actively participate in MoviePass. Disadvantage: inconvenient for the customer and probably not particularly lucrative for MoviePass. You often tinkered with the pricing models and never found the right balance. How should that be financially sustainable overall? Well, of course they also wanted to collect data on viewing habits. In addition, it was hoped, as part of a mixed calculation, that some subscribers hardly use the offer, but still pay, and thus help finance the frequent users.

As I said, there was no green branch, so MoviePass also increasingly restricted the films for which the subscription was effective. That also led to some complaints from subscribers who felt fooled. In 2019 there was a shift in the shaft. Long history that sounds interesting? Exactly, because there was probably a lot going on behind the scenes. Which leads to the fact that Mark Wahlberg and his production company Unrealistic Ideas want to conjure up a documentary series from the whole story.

The documentation is intended to deal with the rise and fall of MoviePass, from its founding to its bankruptcy. The founders are also said to have been involved in the documentation, because they later lost control of MoviePass to investors. They also want to work up the view of former employees and users. Where will you get to see the documentation later? That is obviously not yet certain. Sounds almost like a candidate for Netflix to me.

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