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Kate Winslet: Don’t get lazy!

After all, the competition is not sleeping either. “We live in a world where there are so many incredible actresses – it’s so exciting, but it also means that we all have to contribute,” says the 45-year-old. “You have to work hard and deliver in full every time. No matter how much experience I have, maintaining this high standard of work ethic is really important to me because I think the audience can see it – they know when you’re lazy, or haven’t learned your lines properly, or are performing half-heartedly. The audience has to be respected, because if they weren’t there, none of us would have a job. “

Her new crime series ‘Mare of Easttown’ was definitely a big challenge for the Oscar winner. In it she plays a police officer who has to solve a murder case in a small town in the US state of Pennsylvania. To do this, she had to acquire the local accent, which made her “crazy”. “It was one of the only two accents that made me throw things. ‘I can’t do it! They’ll think I’m crap! ‘”Kate admits her self-doubt.

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