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Kate Winslet doesn’t want to retouch nude scenes

Nude scenes are not uncommon for Kate Winslet. Already in “Titanic” the British woman showed herself without a shell. At the age of 45, she is – as the actress herself says – no longer the best choice when it comes to these kinds of scenes. Perhaps that is precisely why she relied on one hundred percent naturalness in her new role as police officer Mare Sheehan in the HBO series “Mare of Easttown”. She made this more than clear to the director.

During the filming, a sex scene with her series colleague Guy Pearce (45) was in the script, in which – as Winslet revealed in an interview with the “New York Times” – “a little tummy” could be seen. Completely okay for the Hollywood star, after all, her series character is a “complete, imperfect woman with a face and a body that corresponds to her age, her life and her history”. You don’t get to see something like that often enough.

No retouching and extra lighting!

For this reason, Winslet resisted when director Craig Zobel (53) offered her to portray her in the nude scene in a flattering way and to hide her stomach. “Don’t you dare change me,” she is reported to have said. The actress really wanted her figure to look natural. In addition to unfavorable clothing, the crew is said to have used extra lighting that makes Winslet’s skin look “dull”. For the Briton, all reasons why “the audience felt so connected to the small town policeman”.

But it wasn’t just on the TV screen that she resisted retouching. She also sent the series poster back twice because she was not satisfied with the way her face was processed. «I said: ‘Folks, I know how many wrinkles my eyes have. Please pack them all back again ›.» For years, Winslet has contractually guaranteed photos for various magazines that the photos will not be processed.

(L’essentiel / Katrin Ofner)

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