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Justin Theroux & Emma Stone: Secret Love Show?

That it is between actress Emma Stone, 30, and her colleague Justin Theroux, 47, has been known since last year. The relationship between the two has never been officially confirmed. Will this constant love to and fro soon come to an end?

Emma Stone & Justin Theroux: what’s going on?

Emma and Justin were first spotted together when they were the Met Gala 2018 left together. Although the actor had previously received a affair with singer Selena Gomez, he and the redhead got into a taxi together after the charity event – and grinned mischievous!

Since then, the two of them together in the Netflix series “Maniac” standing in front of the camera, they seem to get along particularly well.

Love vacation in the south of France

Only a few weeks after the acting colleagues disappeared together from the “Metropolitan Museum of Art” gala, they were seen on vacation in southern France on the Côte d’Azur. Actually, the budding lovers were for them “Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection” in France. But a small abtecher ins Luxury resort couldn’t hurt. According to the US celebrity portal “People” Since the filming of the series “Maniac”, the two couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Is it really that serious between them already?

An unknown source alleged to the in June last year “Life & Style”that Emma and Justin pull together want. That would probably not fit in with the Hollywood director’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, because actually the two women would get along really well:

Jens worst nightmare will soon become a reality. Even though Justin thinks New York is his home, he has told friends he’s moving to LA for a while and it looks like he will live with Emma. It’s the ultimate betrayal of the girl code.

Met Gala 2019: Officially a couple?

This year the “Maniac” cast attended the annual Met gala together – and that should mean something! Because normally the celebrated superstars of the event bring their partner with them … A day later Emma and Justin also went to the film screening of their series “Maniac: For Your Consideration” in New York. Whether you their alleged relationship make it official soon? Who knows.

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