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Isabella Schmid: “Loll around half asleep for an hour”

Isabella Schmid, acting portraits, Koeln, June 22nd, 2021, pictures taken by Stephan Pick
From September 10th, actress Isabella Schmid can be seen for three weeks in the Casinotheater Winterthur in the play “Die Niere”.

Stephan Pick

Which item do you need most on the weekend? What’s on your shopping list every Saturday? Today we ask our questions to actress Isabella Schmid.

Every Sunday, “blue News” asks a person from the fields of culture, sport, business and politics 22 questions to find out what he or she does or doesn’t do on the weekend – and what was the best moment in the past seven days.

Today’s guest is Isabella Schmid. The actress can be seen on the stage of the Casinotheater Winterthur from September 10th to October 3rd in the relationship comedy “Die Niere”.

1. Isabella Schmid, what does weekend mean to you – in one word?


2. What was the best moment in the past few weeks?

When I finally got the time to go swimming in Lake Zurich and could dip my head under water.

3. If you had the power to command what seems right to you today, would you command it against the opposition of the majority?

I don’t like commands. I would demand that all people on the street look each other in the eye and say «Grüezi», no matter who they walk past. Because today we no longer look anyone in the eye and thereby lose so much empathy for our fellow human beings.

4. What is on your shopping list every Saturday?

Milk, yogurt, braid, cheese.

5. With which fashion designer, with which fashion designer do you leave your money?

Unfortunately, I have not yet found a designer who can create the right clothes for my figure. As a result, I automatically became a fashion house. If you had asked me about my favorite craft machines, I would have found the answer easier. I love Bosch and its drilling and grinding machines.

6. Who would you like to have dinner with? The person can also already be dead.

Only one person? Shit … well, I’d be sure to have a smooth evening with George Clooney.

7. Who is the best James Bond actor? And why?

Clearly: Sean Connery. He has everything a James Bond needs: charm, sex appeal, humor, toughness, strength, lover, agent, father and that English something. I buy everything from him.

8. What TV series are you watching right now?

No. My television time is currently very modest, as I am very busy with theater rehearsals.

9. What was the last concert you attended?

Ouch, you caught me there. Unfortunately, I haven’t attended a concert in a long time. Last year my parents gave me an evening at the Zurich Opera House. However, Corona made the visit impossible. This year I wanted to finally see Gianna Nannini live in Bellinzona. Unfortunately it rained so heavily that it didn’t work out either.

10. With which song do you immediately abandon everything and storm the dance floor?

“Feel” by Robbie Williams.

Isabella Schmid, actress, BellArcademia, Koeln, 03.06.2021, pictures taken by Stephan Pick
Isabella Schmid, actress.

Stephan Pick

11. How long do you stay in bed on Sunday after waking up?

On Sunday I like to sleep in as long as possible. During the week, on the other hand, I like to get up an hour before actually getting up and then loll around a little while half asleep.

12. Breakfast in bed – yes or no?

An absolute no-go. The bed is really a great place for a lot of things, but not for eating.

13. When was the last time you went to a place of worship?

Past Easter. My father sings in the church choir in Zurich-Witikon. I like trade fairs very much, but also Dad’s voice.

14. Which item do you need most on weekends?

My newspaper.

15. Is there a ritual that you practice every Sunday?

Get up, turn on my great coffee machine, sit down, read the newspaper and discuss what I have read with my friend.

16. Freiburg Moitié-Moitié fondue or Ticino risotto?

For a Swiss woman who has lived abroad for almost 30 years, the answer is clear: Moitié-Moitié.

17. The best way of getting around you have ever owned?

My two feet and public transport in Switzerland. You only notice how unbeatably well organized it is after you’ve lived abroad for years.

18. Locarno or Lugano?

Clearly Locarno.

19. When you hear the word French-speaking Switzerland: what do you think of?

Vineyards, the Montreux Jazz Festival (which I finally want to visit) and of course French.

20. What are you doing too little on the weekend?

I often don’t have enough time then. What has to do with the fact that I usually only have one day off, so you can’t really talk about a weekend.

21. Which persistent rumor about you is simply not true?

Oh there are some. For example, that I’m a blonde chick or a comedy jerk.

22. Your favorite joke?

You know what, I can tell jokes for three hours without a break. That’s why it’s very difficult for me to present my favorite joke right now. And anyway, jokes have to be told live, otherwise they are not really funny.

Isabella Schmid filled out the questionnaire in writing.

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