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Is this smoothie your beauty booster?>entertainment>

September 03, 2021 – 5:40 pm clock

Hollywood star reveals recipe for her breakfast drink

True beauty comes from within? Jennifer Aniston (52) thinks too and has a very special smoothie down her throat for breakfast. Because there is a lot of healthy in it, as the Hollywood star himself shows us. To the mixer, set, go!

Jenny puts it in the mixer

For the base of Jenny’s super smoothie, take a cup of chocolate and almond drink, two measuring spoons of chocolate protein powder, add a handful of cherries to the blender and a quarter of a banana. Sweeten the whole thing with stevia, depending on your taste. Finally, add a pinch of antioxidant powder. For a kick of freshness, don’t forget ice cubes!

May it be a little bit more?

If that’s not healthy enough, you can optionally add spinach. For that extra taste experience, the 52-year-old recommends a pinch of cinnamon and matcha powder. Oh yes, almond butter gives the drink a creamy consistency and serves as a mini fat unit and filler – naturally dosed accordingly, of course. Jennifer is known to be quite disciplined when it comes to her body. She recently revealed the strange tricks she uses to keep her slim figure. (abl)

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