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Is there a sequel to the thriller coming?

The thriller “Demon – Don’t trust a soul” was released in 1998 and captivates with its exciting plot. Can movie lovers hope for a sequel to Demon 2?

You should (probably) not expect these ten sequels:

Police officer John Hobbes (Denzel Washington) watches the execution of a serial killer he has caught. The executed-style murders continue even though the real criminal is caught. It soon becomes clear to him that he is dealing with the demon Azazel and that this demon can occupy the body of living beings.

In addition to Denzel Washington, actors John Goodman and Donald Sutherland also star in the film “Demon”. The star cast scores points with acting quality. We’ll tell you here whether this was convincing and whether there is a chance of “Demon 2”.

++ Warning, spoiler warning for “Demon”! ++

Could the supernatural thriller continue with Demon 2?

The story of “Demon – Don’t trust a soul” is a mix of theology, drama, mysticism and thriller. The narrative speed and the cat and mouse game with an almost immortal being is captivating. The true form of the antagonist remains a mystery, because it has no body at all and only exists on the physical level through the respective host body. It is difficult for viewers to assign the antagonist as it is constantly changing. The film tries to make the constant change of characters clear to the viewer through the recurring song of the Rolling Stones “Time Is On My Side”. But the rapid passage of time makes it difficult to follow, too much intellectual power for a film that is actually supposed to entertain. In this film, the hero loses and evil wins. The plot is thus complete for.

The film was also a financial flop. Production costs of over $ 46 million were offset by revenues of just $ 25 million. The audience’s answer is clear, the revenue figures and budget clearly show that. So far there is no clue about a possible remake or continuation of “Demon – Trau kein Seele”.

What alternatives are there to “Demon 2”?

A sequel is unlikely to be shot. But now there are many similar films that can console you for the absence of “Demon 2”:

Are you true demon experts? Test your knowledge with our quiz:

The big demons quiz: can you assign these demons to the TV series?

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