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Is that Johnny Depp?

The ARD “Tatort” from Sunday evening gave a lot of talk. The reason for this is the astonishing resemblance between actor Christopher Schärf and Johnny Depp.

the essentials in brief

  • The ARD “Tatort” from Sunday evening provided a topic of conversation.
  • The reason for this was not the crime story itself, but actor Christopher Schärf.
  • This looks astonishingly similar to Hollywood star Johnny Depp, say viewers.

Sunday evening, «Tatort» on ARD. Anton Maler, the villain of the crime novel “The Evil King” appears. There is confusion among viewers on Twitter: Isn’t that Hollywood star Johnny Depp?

Because Anton Maler looks very similar to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star. But what does the multi-million dollar actor want in the “crime scene”?

The answer is simple and sobering: it’s not Johnny Depp at all. Christopher Schärf is the name of the actor who can be seen in the Sunday crime thriller.

Visually, the Austrian Captain Jack Sparrow actually resembles. But his acting performance does not come close to that of Johnny Depp, the audience thinks.

A Twitter user jokes on the platform: “If you order Johnny Depp on Wish.” Other users were also worried about the world star because he was suddenly in the trend on Twitter.

The reason for this was actually only the ARD crime scene, one user is relieved and gives the all-clear.

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