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In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s footsteps: Munich muscle man is now becoming a Hollywood star

Munich’s Florian Munteanu is really taking off in Hollywood: After his first major film appearance in “Creed 2”, he is now playing a role in the new Marvel film. (Archive image)

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The new Marvel movie “Shang-Chi” started in theaters on Thursday. Florian Munteanu from Munich is also there. The muscle man is now conquering Hollywood.

Munich – Will he be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger? Florian Munteanu is part of the cast for the new Marvel film “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”. The actor from Munich is also known by the nickname “Big Nasty”, which he got in his boxing career. As an actor, he was discovered by a real legend.

The 30-year-old has been working on his dream of being on the big screen for fifteen years. He has now probably succeeded: In the new Marvel film, which opened in cinemas yesterday Thursday (September 2nd), he plays the role of Razor Fist. But the Würzburg native might already look familiar to some. He made his first major film appearance in the Rocky spin-off “Creed 2” as Viktor Drago.

Munich ex-boxer conquers Hollywood – Sylvester Stallone discovered him

The role in “Creed 2” got him none other than Sylvester Stallone himself. As Munteanu told in an interview with RTL, after four auditions he was offered a Skype call with the famous actor and one of his greatest role models. “I really fell out of the clouds,” said Munteanu. When he looked Sylvester Stallone in the face, “it was about five seconds, and your heart will definitely slip into your pants,” the 30-year-old remembers.

In addition to his talent and muscle mass, the man from Munich impressed above all with his willpower. He said to Stalone: ​​“I’ve been working on this dream for 15 years. And now the time has just come. I will do everything I can not to disappoint you ”. Munteanu wanted to convince the whole world that he was the right man for the role. “And that’s exactly what I did,” he told the broadcaster.

New Marvel film “Shan-Chi”: Munich-based Florian Munteanu plays Razor Fist

With his new role in a Marvel film, a real childhood dream came true for Munteanu. In an interview with TV Movie the actor told how he found out about his role. “I was at the airport at the time and had completed the audition three weeks earlier. Then my agency called and said, ‘Marvel wants to talk to you’. They said that was a good sign. So we talked on the phone and Marvel thought I was the perfect cast for Razor Fist. ”

For the 30-year-old it was an indescribable feeling. “Of course you work hard for moments like this. That was always my goal, ”said the man from Munich. Munteanu now also has an apartment in Los Angeles. But he still doesn’t want to let his homeland fall into oblivion. In Hollywood, Munteanu is not the only one with German roots.



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