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Even if the name suggests the English-speaking world: Eva Green was born in Paris, her mother is none other than the actress Marlène Jobert, who has been retired for years and who has since tried her hand at writing children’s books. Eva’s father is the Swedish dentist Walter Green. She has a dizygoti twin sister. When Eva was 17 years old, she left French school to go to school in Ramsgate, Kent, England. Then she attended the “American School” in France. After studying acting for three years at the “Saint Paul Drama School” in Paris, she completed a 10-week course at the “Weber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art” in London and a directing course at the New York “Tisch School of Arts “.

With this highly professional training, she returned to her hometown, in order to first make the theater stages unsafe. She was in the limelight in “La Jalousie en Trois Fax” and “Tucaret”. It was here that she discovered director Bernardo Bertolucci. He says of Eva Green: “She is so beautiful that it is indecent.” So it’s no wonder that he got involved on the spot and in 2003 played the leading role in his 68 drama “The dreamer“in which the beautiful woman is quite indecent and permissive. However, she polished up her English for this role again and worked on her pronunciation with a teacher for two months. The whole-body effort paid off: Her role attracted a lot of attention and hers Nothing stood in the way of a career.

Then she impressed twice in different historical garb: on the one hand at the side of Romain Duris in “Arsène Lupine“(2004), on the other hand in Ridley Scott’s medieval drama”Kingdom of heaven“(2005), which brought her worldwide attention for the first time. The role as femme fatale in”The black dahlia“She had turned it down in favor of Hilary Swank, so as not to be determined as a femme fatale after the” dreamers “. Instead, she took on the role of Vesper Lynd, a Bond girl alongside Daniel Craig in”James Bond 007 – Casino Royale“(2006), the high point of her still short career so far. And there was a reunion with Craig in the fantasy film”The Golden Compass“(2007).

Interesting on the side: In addition to her work as an actress, Eva Green also composes pieces of music and has already recorded various pieces for film music. But although she speaks several languages ​​and grew up quite multicultural, she still does not speak the language of her father to this day. Other hobbies: walking her terrier, visiting museums and collecting works of art. Other films with Eva Green: “Franklyn” (2008), “Cracks” (2009), “Womb“(2010),” Camelot “(TV series),”Perfect Sense“(both 2011),”Dark shadows“(2012),”300: Rise of an Empire“(2014).

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