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Emma Watson: Not only does she swear by this particular brand of shampoo

Do you love to follow the life of the stars at every turn and wonder how you can be even closer to them? We have an idea: You can get their favorite products and immediately feel more connected to them. You could start with the moisturizing shampoo from a brand that is considered a real secret among celebrities.

So that you can try it out for yourself, we have found it for you here on Amazon.

With star appeal: the stars love this shampoo brand

Actress Emma Watson (30) is a real quick-change artist. Whether with a cheeky short haircut, classic bob or flowing mane – your hair always looked healthy and shiny. Compared to “Into the gloss”, she revealed the secret for her head of hair: “Rahua makes a great shampoo that I swear by”. She prefers to use the brand’s volume shampoo.

Of course, supermodels have long known insider tips from actresses. Top model and entrepreneur Miranda Kerr (37) did not miss Rahua’s hair care. She told Harper’s Bazaar that she uses Rahua shampoo when she wants her hair to be “a little smoother” than usual.

You can’t fool the Kardashians when it comes to beauty. So it’s no wonder that reality star Kourtney Kardashian (41), according to her own statement to “Byrdie”, “always has both shampoo and conditioner from the brand in stock”. In a post, she announced that she always checked the content of her new products with a specific app before including them in her daily routine. The Rahua shampoo apparently scored across the board – it is now one of her absolute favorites!

As you can see, Emma has really great hair:

And the winner is …

… Rahua! The moisturizing shampoo not only impressed the stars, it also impressed the journalists of the global beauty magazine “Allure”. Last year, the brand’s hair care range even received the “Allure Award” for the “Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry Hair” category!

We will not miss this absolute winner product: Here you can conveniently shop the Hydrating Shampoo online.

Tropical mix for maximum moisture

A mix of mango and passion fruit? We primarily associate it with delicious drinks or ice cream. But this mixture also turns out to be particularly helpful as a content in shampoos. The aromas from these plants provide every strand of hair with moisture right down to the tip, which not only makes it softer and smoother, but also provides a “gloss effect”.

These additional contents are in the Rahua shampoo:

  • The supposed miracle ingredient that defines the brand: Rahua (Ungurahua): Sounds exotic – it really is! Have been using it for many years Amazon women use the oil from this tree nut to nourish their hair. It regenerates damaged hair, cares for the scalp including the hair roots and is even said to improve color retention.
  • Buriti palm: Above all, vitamins A, C and E, essential fatty acids and beta-carotene are found in the pulp of this Amazon fruit. They regulate the scalp and protect the hair from harmful UVA radiation.
  • Organic mango sugar: This sweet fruit not only provides an irresistible fragrance. The sugar from the mango contains oil proteins that attach to the hair and ensure maximum hydration.

This is how you use the shampoo

The application with the Rahua Shampoo does not differ in principle from your usual hair washing routine. If you follow these steps regularly, you will get the best results:

1. Apply the Hydrating Shampoo to damp hair and lather it up well. It is very economical, so a small amount of product is enough for it.

2. Then rinse it out well and use a conditioner of your choice. The best addition to the shampoo is to use the conditioner from the Hydrating range.

3. Blow dry and style your hair as usual – afterwards you can admire your shiny, soft mane!

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