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Emily Blunt loves ‘Fantasy’ on the red carpet

Emily Blunt loves the “imagination” of the process of getting styled for the red carpet.

According to the ‘A Quiet Place’ performer, her stylist Jessica Paster taught her how to be “brave” about outfit choices while remaining “comfortable”. In the Hollywood Reporter, about the 25 most powerful stylists in the dream factory, Blunt said, “I really love red carpets because they’re full of imagination and it’s not what I wear every day, so I think it’s mine taught a lot about courage and that it can bring out an element of yourself that you didn’t know existed and I think then the dress will never wear you. You are always comfortable. “

Blunt had previously revealed that style is “an extension of who you are”. The 36-year-old reported: “What did I learn about style? I learned that I didn’t have one before I went into this business, I used to really like to wear men’s vests, in pretty bright colors, with white jeans, but like mum -Jeans before they got cool. I wonder if I would be a trendsetter if I wore this now? So I learned that … I think style is an extension of who you are. “

The ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ actress also shared beauty tips with readers and explained that she was learning to make her “paleness her own”. “I have learned that self-confidence is actually really quiet and not intrusive and does not make the heart beat,” she told the paper. “It’s very quiet and calm. I learned from beauty that I personally shouldn’t lie in the sun – I’m naturally very pale and I should make that my own. So I learned to use sunscreen and myself.” to accept the pallor. “

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