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Chris Pratt has no place in the Marvel sequel

Now it’s really happening. After a crossover between Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy was hinted at in the last Avengers film, Chris Pratt joins the cast of Thor 4: Love and Thunder.

At first glance, this looks like one of the perfect combinations that is only possible thanks to the careful conception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For the film, however, nothing good can be expected.

Chris Pratt doesn’t fit in Thor 4: Love and Thunder

Actually, one of the great attractions of the MCU is that, for example, characters who are introduced in Iron Man can later appear in a Captain America film – and vice versa. Everything is connected. A circumstance from which Thor only benefited in his most recent solo adventure: Bruce Banner aka Hulk, embodied by Mark Ruffalo, joined the god of thunder for a crazy space trip.

Both characters have a quick temper. In the end, however, the differences created the film’s amusing dynamism. Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord, on the other hand, is much too similar to Thor: Neither of the two wants to appear weak in front of the other. Instead, they ceaselessly compete like two little boys in the playgroundwho want to be the coolest in front of their friends.

In Infinity War, Thor and Star-Lord meet for the first time:

Avengers 3 Infinity War – TV Spot Flattery (English) HD


It’s a joke that already reaches its limits in Infinity War and Endgame. Thor 4: Love and Thunder could develop the relationship between the two, but that takes time. More precious time that should be invested in other facets of the sequel. After all, we’re talking about the Thor movie that brings Natalie Portman back to the MCU and comes up with a very special appearance for her Jane Foster.

The real highlight of Thor 4 is Jane Foster’s return

The basis of the plot of Thor 4: Love and Thunder is the comic series The Mighty Thor, in which Jane Foster gains supernatural powers through the hammer Mjölnir and the Identity of Mighty Thor accepts. At the same time, the story addresses her cancer. A sensitive topic that requires a lot of sensitivity in the preparation, but possibly gives us one of the most ambitious MCU films to date.

The Marvel comic that Thor 4 is based on

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Thor 4: Love and Thunder tells a great, tragic love story in which superheroes and mere mortals are closer together than ever before. The presence of Star-Lord would only be there create distraction. Basically, this case is an exciting test for the MCU: Just because a crossover is possible does not automatically mean that the film in which it takes place is enriched by it.

Jane Foster and Thor

Even the presence of Tony Stark and Nick Fury in the Spider-Man films seemed more forced than organic. The young Peter Parker has never been able to move out of the shadows of the great MCU characters. Star-Lord is a similar caliber: As soon as he enters a scene, he pulls all attention on yourself. The Guardians of the Galaxy films know how to use this.

The Thor brand threatens to lose weight in the MCU

The Thor sequel should take a different path, after all, it is also about sharpening the profile of this sub-series in the MCU. As well as the Hulk detour worked: sooner or later watered down the Thor brand and is only noticed by guest stars. The focus on the tragic love story would counteract this and ensure significantly more independence.

Especially in the gigantic endgame ensemble, Thor increasingly took on the role of a sidekick. So it is high time that the god of thunder moved back into focus – and what better way to do that than with a film that shows him straight to its MCU roots leads? Especially since the MCU has a lot to do well when it comes to Jane Foster: Few figures have been dropped in such an inglorious way.

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