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Chris Hemsworth: Hollywood star congratulates Chris Evans with fake photo – entertainment

Chris Hemsworth (r.) Congratulates Chris Evans on his birthday in an unusual way. Photo: imago images / imaginechina

Chris Hemsworth came up with a funny Instagram post for Chris Evans’ 40th birthday.

Oops, something is wrong! Chris Evans will be celebrating his 40th birthday on Sunday (June 13th). On this occasion, Marvel colleague Chris Hemsworth (37) also congratulates him on Instagram. However, on the accompanying joint photo, the actor colleague Chris Pratt (41) and not the birthday boy can be seen.

The Australian has apparently made a joke and emphasizes it with his accompanying caption: “Happy 40th birthday, Chris Evans! You will always be my number one!” Although he linked Chris Evans in the congratulations, Chris Pratt is correctly tagged in the photo. So it was hardly a mistake.

All three Chris are part of the Marvel Universe

The birthday boy himself has not yet reacted to the funny posting by Chris Evans, but numerous fans of the actors. For example, one user joked: “This is not Chris Evans – this is Chris Pine!” “Chris Evans: Am I just kidding you?” Wrote another user. Actor Sam Claflin (34) also responded to the post with a laughing emoji.

All three actors are part of the Marvel Universe. Chris Hemsworth has played the hero Thor since 2011. In the same year, Chris Evans also took on his hero role as Captain America. Three years later, Chris Pratt joined the Marvel universe as the Star-Lord from “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

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