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Cardi B: She’s going to be an actress!

It is a dream of many actors to appear in a Hollywood film one day. For Cardi B this dream has already come true, but she never got a leading role – until now! Before she was briefly seen in well-known films such as “Hustler”, but now it is only for Cardi.

The rapper Cardi B goes under the actors! The 28-year-old has been an established icon in the pop and rap scene for years, only recently she landed another mega hit with her song “WAP”. Apparently that is not enough for Cardi, because she is going to Hollywood now! It wouldn’t be her first appearance in a movie, but now she’s getting her first lead role.

Cardi B soon to be seen in comedy

Already in 2019 she stood next to Jennifer Lopez in “Hustlers” – but here only as a supporting role. Now it’s really going for Cardi! The 28-year-old plays in the comedy “Assisted Living (German: Betreutes Wohnen)” the criminal Amber, who hides in her grandmother’s home to hide from the police. Of course, she has to adapt herself optically and disguises herself as an older lady. So it’s going to be a Hollywood-style comedy.

Hollywood is known to her

There is no start date for the film yet. But if you can’t wait to see Cardi B on the big screen, you can go to the cinemas at the end of May. Provided that they are open again by then. Fast & Furios gets its ninth part “Fast & Furious 9” and the rapper plays with it! Already read? Azealia Banks: rapper cooks her dead hangover!

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