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Burglar makes himself comfortable with Johnny Depp – and takes a shower

Burglars make themselves comfortable with Johnny Depp – and first take a shower

Johnny Depp

Actor Johnny Depp owns several properties, including a mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

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Johnny Depp has been the target of another burglar. A stranger broke into the actor’s mansion in the Hollywood Hills. When the police arrived, they found him in the bathroom.

Johnny Depp’s house appears to be a burglar hotspot this year. The police have been called to the stately property in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles several times. But no burglar was as brazen as the one the officers met this week.

When the police arrived, the man is said to have just taken a shower. This is reported by the US celebrity portal TMZ.com, citing security staff Depps. Initially, the burglar refused to come out of the bathroom. The police then kicked in the door.

It is not known whether Johnny Depp was in the house at the time of the incident. His security guards had alerted the police. Further investigations revealed that the intruder had also served himself with a drink at the Hollywood star’s bar. He was arrested. He is accused of burglary and vandalism.

Johnny Depp continues to occupy the courts

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp’s legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard and the British tabloid “The Sun” is entering a new round. In a recent hearing, the 57-year-old’s lawyer accused Heard of serious allegations against her ex-husband as a witness in the trial. She did not live up to her announcement to donate part of the multi-million dollar severance payment from the divorce. A hospital and civil rights organization would still be waiting for the money today. In view of this and other “new evidence”, the case should be reopened.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Last year, a British court dismissed Depp’s lawsuit against a newspaper report by the Sun alleging that he had beaten his ex-wife. And what’s more, in their verdict, the judges found that the majority of the allegations mentioned in the article had proven to be true. Depp continues to try to defend himself against this judgment.

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