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Billie Eilish: This is how her distinctive style has evolved over the years

Billie Eilish – the chameleon in the music industry

It is undoubtedly the voice that made Billie Eilish a star. Whether she sounds with precise clarity in her successful song “Ocean Eyes” or competes with a hoarse tone against the booming bass in “Bad Guy”. Even so, her distinctive style – her dyed green hair now blonde, her playful streetwear – was always just as captivating.

In many ways, 19-year-old Eilish embodies the ultimate expression of Generation Z’s eclectic, volatile approach to style. Years pin-up variant taken to extremes. It’s easy to forget that Eilish had a much more casual look when she first appeared on the scene. This mainly reflected their origins in a suburb of Los Angeles.

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The style of Billie Eilish

When her career began as a teenage SoundCloud sensation in 2015, Eilish had a relatively simple style formula. An oversized T-shirt here, cargo pants there, a logo hoodie from an underground streetwear label, and chunky gold and silver jewelry on her neck. Her hair was bleached ice blonde, and one could see the first signs of her distinctive colors of powder blue and mint green. It felt less like a resolution to build an image than an expression of Eilish’s playful, creative approach. He shows her joy in experimenting by combining unexpected, paradoxical elements through sound and images.

Only in the run-up to their debut album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” In 2019, Eilish really took off in terms of fashion. With their rapid rise in the charts, the biggest labels in the world began to pay attention to their looks. So much so that renowned houses from Chanel to Louis Vuitton to Gucci not only began to send their outfits, but also actively redesigned their designs. They wanted to be able to serve their taste – oversized sleeves, eye-catching logos, wide trousers and a touch of glitter.

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