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At the side of Chris Hemsworth: Russell Crowe takes on “Marvel” role

At the side of Chris Hemsworth
Russell Crowe takes on “Marvel” role

Russell Crowe becomes a god: The Hollywood star has landed a role in the new “Thor” film. At the side of Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, the 57-year-old will mime Olymp boss Zeus.

In the fourth part of the “Thor” film series, there is apparently an action-packed clash between Nordic and Greek mythology. Actor Russell Crowe is said to be responsible for this. After it was previously announced that the Oscar winner will have a small role in “Thor: Love and Thunder”, it is now clear who he will be playing – the god king of Olympus, Zeus himself!

Crowe mentioned this almost casually at the end of a telephone interview on the Australian radio show “Joy Breakfast with the Murphys”: “I’m getting on my bike now, going to the Disney Fox Studios (…) and around 9:15 am I will to Zeus. ” Because of the Corona regulations in the USA, many Hollywood productions are currently being shot in Crowe’s Australian homeland, including “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

In the comic template, the meeting of the Olympians with those from Asgard is not uncommon. The immortal Zeus is one of the most powerful characters in the comics, he even defeated the Hulk in one of the editions. The 57-year-old should make a more than imposing figure in “Love and Thunder” when he meets Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.

In addition to the two, Natalie Portman can also be seen as Jane Foster, and character mime Christian Bale plays the villain in Taika Waititi’s flick. Filming in Australia will continue for a while, the cinema release is currently scheduled for May 2022.

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