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Ariana Grande is donating $ 1 million, giving 1,000 people free therapy classes

Ariana Grande has always been very open about her own mental health in public. Now she is also donating one million US dollars to the BetterHelp organization, making it possible for a total of 1,000 people to receive free therapy sessions.

Because she has already had experience with the subject, she now wants to help others too.

Ariana Grande teamed up with BetterHelp for affordable therapy

To create more awareness for the topic of mental health, the singer has teamed up with the BetterHelp organization. The organization makes it its mission to To make access to psychological help accessible to all people and to offer it affordable. Ariana therefore donated one million US dollars to the organization for a good cause to enable 1,000 people to enjoy free therapy sessions for a month. She announces this via Instagram and hopes to inspire one or the other follower to seek help and not be ashamed of it.

“Treatment should not be reserved for a privileged class only”

As she emphasizes in the post on her Instagram account, psychological treatment should not be reserved for a privileged layer. At the same time, she also points out in her post about collaboration with the organization that “healing is not linear”. She is well aware that this offer may not help everyone with their mental state, but she wants to try anyway. With this campaign, the 27-year-old wants to send a signal that it is okay to seek help.

“Therapy has saved my life so many times”

Ariana has always been very honest about her own anxiety disorders and depression. So it’s no wonder that she now wants to help others who are struggling with similar problems. In a recent tweet, she reiterated how many times the therapy would have saved her life and encourages her followers once again not to be afraid to seek help.

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