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7 Adam Sandler Films That Are Much Funnier Than Their Reputation

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“The Chaos Dad” and 7 other Adam Sandler films that are better than their reputation

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Adam Sandler films are very rarely critic favorites. But these Adam Sandler films are way funnier than they were reputed to be, and that includes his biggest flop, “The Chaos Dad”.

On Tuesday, May 12th, 2020, “The Chaos Dad” will be on TV. But the station Kabel Eins does not show the comedy with Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg until 10:20 p.m., because it is not completely suitable for young people. After all, the Adam Sandler film is about a teenager who fathered a son with his sexy teacher, and years later harassed him for money at his wedding. But even if the critics hated the film when it opened in theaters, it is one of many Adam Sandler filmsthat are way funnier than their reputation. Here are our favorites.

7 Adam Sandler films like “The Chaos Dad” that are funnier than their reputation

“The Chaos-Dad” (in the original: “That’s My Boy”) fell through in the cinema year 2012 both with the critics and with the audience. Which is surprising because the film has all the elements that make a successful Adam Sandler film. The rough humor, the embarrassing moments in company and a wonderfully debilitating Adam Sandler as a troublemaker. But the story about pedophilia and incest was too tasteless for many viewers. Too bad. These 7 hilarious Adam Sandler films weren’t too popular either, but they’re worth a look.

7. “The Ridiculous 6” (2015)

Adam Sandler’s first film for Netflix was this western comedy in which he plays the heroes. The nonsensical story revolves around six men who are from the same father (Nick Nolte) and are looking for him. The film is better produced and funnier than some other Netflix films.

6. “Pixels” (2015)

Adam Sandler’s last big movie before he made his way to Netflix was this spectacular sci-fi action joke from “Harry Potter” maker Chris Columbus. Panned as a weak “Ghostbusters” cut, the film has speed, wit, charm and a strong cast.

5. “Grownups 2” (2013)

The sequel to the original from 2010, which was not particularly well received, takes the figure ensemble and shows them on an eventful day at the beginning of a summer. The comedy stars are in top form in this casual, droll hangout comedy.

4. “My invented wife” (2011)

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are the perfect comedy couple in this somewhat slack but well-acted romantic comedy about a serial killer who falls in love and, through a chain of accidents, has to pretend to be married to his assistant.

3. “Waterboy – The guy with the water damage” (1998)

Adam Sandler delivers the most annoying voice of his film career in this wonderfully stupid sports comedy as a depressed water boy who happens to become a celebrated football star. The brute comedy of the film didn’t find many friends, but it puts you in an extremely good mood.

2. “The Trial of Anger” (2003)

The clash between Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson, two Hollywod stars who became famous for roles in which they laid out wonderful outbursts of anger, may not be as inspired as expected. Still, this film is great fun with the stars in top form.

1. “The Week” (2018)

It is surprising that this adorable, droll Netflix comedy received so little attention. Adam Sandler has never been more charming than a clumsy, penniless father trying to give his daughter the best Jewish wedding that his small wallet can get.

Conclusion: Adam Sandler films are often funnier than their reputation

Granted, there are Adam Sandler films like “Jack and Jill” (2011), “Big Daddy” (1999) and “Chuck and Larry – Like Fire and Flame” (2007) that are really as unimaginative and failing as they are the critics complain about it. But Adam Sandler films are often funnier than their reputation because they appeal to a very special pubic sense of humor that can be found in groups of men. This also includes “The Chaos Dad”, which works wonderfully as a coming-of-age comedy, just mixed in with a little incest and pedophilia.

So likely is the sequel “Pixels 2” with Adam Sandler. These are the funniest films with Ben Stiller and the best comedies with Cameron Diaz.



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