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3 Dwayne Johnson films that sadly failed

The Rock has already appeared on the screen as a CGI scorpion, video game character or, most recently, a rascal river boat captain. After 20 years of turbo career, Dwayne Johnson has his first really good blockbuster in the cinema – but also had to skip a lot of unique roles: He should say that play absolute superhero grandfather. And he was also part of the cast for a teddy’s bizarre fight against horror monsters.

Dwayne Johnson was supposed to play a legendary Marvel ancestor

The fact that Dwayne Johnson’s eye fell on a superhero role is not in itself surprising – after all, it represents something like the jackpot among casts suitable for blockbusters. In 2016, Johnson had already proven his box-office potential in three Fast & Furious films , the access to the great superhero lottery had been denied to him so far. There came a film adaptation of the stories about superhero father Doc Savage probably just in time.

This is what it’s about: The character Doc Savage has its origins in the dime novels of the 1930s and is traded as the forerunner of the modern superheroes from the Marvel and DC camps. His first appearance in 1933 preceded that of superhero grandpa Superman by five years.

Jack of all trades Doc Savage

As possibly the first blueprint for later world savers, Doc Savage’s figure drawing is anything but subtle: He is a physicist, detective, inventor, adventurer, musician, explorer and, in addition to superhuman strength, also has a photographic memory. Trimmed to be superhuman by his father and a team of scientists, he fights bad boys wherever he finds them.

Why did the project fail? The potential of the project attracted a director with superhero experience in Shane Black (Iron Man 3), who eventually declared Dwayne Johnson his starring favorite. He got along well with Black’s vision of the film right away (via Variety ).

The idea therefore failed not because of creative, but rather legal differences: As Johnson explained in an interview in 2018, there are difficulties with who owns the rights to the material (via Collider ). Since then there has unfortunately been no radio silence – which after 3 years can only mean that Black and Johnson have carried the film to their grave.

Cult film adaptation would have given fans a blonde Dwayne Johnson

Johnny Bravo

Doc Savage, however, wasn’t the first project that slipped through the hands of the Hollywood star and thus his fans: Shortly after his first leading role in The Scorpion King, he was Embodiment of the cult cartoon character Johnny Bravo in conversation (via Variety ).

This is what it’s about: With his massive mountains of muscles, sunglasses and huge blond quiff, Johnny Bravo was a common sight on US children’s programming in the late 1990s. He is made of testosterone from head to toe, but because of its clumsy, arrogant nature, it always brings him more slaps than dates when it comes to women.

Why did the project fail? For Johnson, Johnny Bravo would basically have been the extension of his The Rock Wrestler role: loudmouthed, muscular, sunglasses. And the idea of ​​a Dwayne Johnson with a blond mane is obviously a dream that still has many fans, as fan posters on the Internet show (via GamesRadar ).

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Unfortunately, the movie never made it past the announcement stage. The reasons for this are not known. It may have been difficult to put Johnny Bravo’s crappy everyday adventures into a 90-minute movie. Or Dwayne Johnson just wasn’t after comedy.

Dwayne Johnson should take part in the teddy fight against horror monsters

A blonde cartoon character is not even the most unusual of his failed roles. Possibly spurred on by the successful teddy bear adventure, producers wanted to bring a monster-hunting teddy bear to the cinema in 2013, based on no other basis than an animation from the Internet.

This is what it’s about: The impressive image of the artist Alex Panagopoulos cast a spell over Dwayne Johnson, the producer and possible lead role of a film adaptation (via The Hollywood Reporter ). Potential storylines, however, did not reach the outside world. At first glance, however, everything will revolve around a teddy bear that keeps cruel monsters away from innocent sleeping children.

The template for The Rocks Teddy Bear project

Why did the project fail? After years of not hearing about the aptly named Teddy Bear film, there was finally surprising news again in March 2021 (via The Hollywood Reporter ): Netflix had taken on the teddy story, Johnson will still be producing. Apparently he is no longer available for a role in the film.

A shame for all fans who would have liked to see The Rock with plush ears and bear paws. Just like Johnny Bravo and Doc Savage, Johnson seems to remain an idle fan-wish as Teddy. But who knows. Anyone who trains their upper arms every day like The Rock certainly needs plenty of opportunities to cuddle.

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What role would you have liked to see The Rock in?

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